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Here is a non-comprehensive list of reference books on Filitosa and Corsican History through various presentations on their origins, perspectives on the specificities of insular megalithism, as well as on the island’s archaeological history and its first colonisations.

Filitosa et son contexte archéologique

Author: Roger Grosjean

Editor: Presses Universitaires de France (1961)

Collection: Monuments et mémoires de la Fondation Eugène Piot

Language: French

96 Pages

La Corse avant l’histoire

Author: Roger Grosjean

Editor: Klincksieck (1966)


Language: French

95 Pages

Corse des origines

Author: Joseph Cesari

Editor: Imprimerie Nationale (2000)

Collection: Guides Archéologiques France

Language: French

138 Pages

Les Mégalithes de Corse

Author: Franck Léandri

Editor: Gisserot (2009)

Collection: Patrimoine

Language: French

32 Pages

L’aventure humaine préhistorique en Corse

Author: Collective under the Direction of François de Lanfranchi and Michel-Claude Weiss

Editor: Albiana (1997)


Language: French

512 Pages

Préhistoire d’une île, les origines de la Corse

Author: Gabriel Camps

Editor: Errance (1988)

Collection: Hespérides

Language: French

283 Pages

Histoire de la Corse, des origines à la veille des Révolutions, Volume I

Author: Under the Direction of François-Marie Graziani

Editor: Alain Piazzola (2013)


Language: French

576 Pages

Histoire de la Corse

Author: Pierre Antonetti

Editor: Robert Laffont (1999)


Language: French

500 Pages

Histoire de la Corse

Author: Paul Arrighi and Francis Pomponi

Editor: Presses Universitaires de France (1993)

Collection: Que sais-je ?

Language: French

128 Pages